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Electrolux Carbon Brush - Model Super J/Silverado

Made to fit Electrolux carbon brush fits Super J / Silverado canister vacuum. Slide on connect. Sold each.
$47.20 $3.55

Electrolux Cord Angle Plug for Nozzle PN5

After market replacement cord.
$3.34 $5.39

Electrolux Electric Pistol Grip Handle Kit without Wiring Harness - 170162

After market external portion of the pistol grip hose handle. The switch and wiring harness is not included. Includes both sides, screws & metal stem. White color with chrome metal stem.

Electrolux PN 5 Upper Wand

Upper wand for Electrolux units. Steel construction with clip and hole. Item is sold individually.
$12.31 $5.63

Electrolux Power Nozzle Motor - PN-5

Replacement power nozzle motor designed to fit model PN-5. With bracket.
$36.82 $39.44

Electrolux Power Nozzle Neck Kit

After market kit for models 6500, 7000, 8000. Gray color. Sold each.
$8.32 $5.75

Electrolux Power Nozzle Roller Brush Bearing

Made to fit Electrolux part.
$0.65 $0.31

Electrolux Switch - After Market

Has a round button and fits models 1205, Olympia, Siverado, Diamond and Jubilee.
$4.38 $8.11

Electrolux Wand

After market wand made to fit Electrolux Epic models. Sold each.
$15.05 $12.13