Turbo Nozzles

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Compact Hand Twin III Black - 34028

The 34028 hand turbine accepts both 32mm and 35mm wands, making it compatible with virtually all domestic and light commercial vacuums. The large air channel makes this the most effective tool of type for picking up debris.
$35.82 $38.56

Elky Pro Turbo Brush

Turbo brush for use on textile and hard floor coverings. Wheels set front and rear for solid stance and ease of use. Vacuum suction turns air turbine and brush roll to agitate debris for easier pick-up. wiper blade helps direct airflow.
From $51.03

H-P Products The Rug Rat Turbine Hand Brush, Black - 6972-BG

The RugRat has a slim design for easy use at the end of a wand or for closer control in your hand. The high speed hand held turbo brush is ideal for cleaning surfaces like stairs, inside your car, and the upholstery in your home. The small agitator is powered by the air of your central vacuum so you can more effectively pick up dirt and debris from any surface where a traditional vacuum can't reach. The easy access clean out cover makes service of the turbine quick and easy without the need for tools. It will fit all standard portable and central vacuums. 6 Inch Width.

H-P Products TurboCat EX Turbine Drive Powerhead, Onyx - 8705

The TurboCat EX features a drive system designed to reduce noise and vibration. The plastic base plate and wheels in front and back protect your floor finishes at the edge of carpeted surfaces. The Turbine EX agitator is designed to increase cleaning performance on all carpeted surfaces. The sleep low profile of the EX reaches easily under beds and other furniture. It is privy to a 13" wide cleaning path with double-edge cleaning. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and adjusts automatically to any carpet height.

H-P Products TurboCat Powerhead Nozzle, Light Gray - 8695

TurboCat central vacuum air turbine brush. No batteries or additional power needed. Runs off your central vacuum. The make-up of the TurboCat turbine allows for enhanced airflow and constant contact with the floor surface. Compatible with major brands of central vac, including Beam, Nutone, Electrolux, Hayden, VacuMaid, Aggressor, Vacuflo, MD, Canavac, Cyclovac, Air Vac. This model is gray in color.

Wessell-Werk 6" Hand Held Turbo Brush - PT160

For wall coverings and upholstery! Small, handy turbo brush attaches directly to the hoses bent end.
$35.82 $34.66