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ADI High Density Liner – 33 Gallons

SPECIFICATIONS: Color: clear, Gallons: 33, Size: 33” x 40”, Gauge: 16 microns, Quantity: 250, Bags/Roll: 25, Rolls/Case: 10. Prime resins used for superior quality. Compact coreless interleaved rolls used for effortless bag dispensing. Source reducing product to promote environmental sensitivity. Star Seal bottom for even weight distribution and easy removal from a receptacle. Comprehensive line for all applications including business, industry and healthcare.
$54.49 $28.04

ADI High Density Liner – 40 to 45 Gallons

SPECIFICATIONS: Color: clear, Gallons: 40 to 45, Size: 40” x 46liner”, Gauge: 16 microns, Quantity: 250, Bags/Roll: 25, Rolls/Case: 10.
$74.92 $36.25

ADI Linear Low Density Liner - 20 to 30 Gallons

SPECIFICATIONS: Color: black, Gallons: 20 to 30, Size: 30” x 36”, Gauge: 1.0 mil, Quantity: 250, Bags/Roll: 25, Rolls/Case: 10. Heavy gauge film to handle demanding loads. Ideal for customers who demand the feel of a thicker bag. Popular with municipalities and industrial manufacturers.
$62.39 $31.90

ADI Linear Low Density Liner - 33 Gallons

SPECIFICATIONS: Color: silver, Gallons: 33, Size: 33” x 40”, Gauge: 1.50 mil, Quantity: 100, Bags/Roll: 20, Rolls/Case: 5.
$42.53 $30.58

Berry Plastics Big City Blended Recycled and Linear Low Density – LLDPE Liner

Ideal for heavy-duty applications, including sharp, heavy and irregular waste. Exceptional strength with good puncture and tear resistance.
From $19.01

Berry Plastics Big City-D w/Degradable Additives Liners

Made with high quality linear low density resins, these liners deliver the performance you've come to expect from the Big City brand, plus important "Green" advantages that make them a smart choice for environmental sustainability.
From $28.74

Berry Plastics PG6 Recycled Low Density Liners

When you need a basic, black can liner at a heavier gauge, choose PG6 which contains Post Industrial Recycled resins. PG6 liners offer value by the pound and provide average puncture/tear resistance.
From $15.58

Berry Plastics Rhino-X High Density Liner

Rhino-X is the bag of choice for the professional user. This liner is extremely strong even with lower gauges and also has a temperature range of -40°F to +210°F.
From $20.29

Berry Plastics Steel-Flex Low Density Liner

Steel Flex is the can liner of choice for high performance liners at lower gauges. They provide exceptional strength for heavy-duty use.
From $13.85