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Elky Pro Bowl Brush With Squeegee Cup

White acrylic yarn head. White plastic handle. 10-1/2" handle, 3-1/2" head.
$2.96 $1.46

Elky Pro Round Bowl Brush

To get to where others do not arrive the new Angular Toilet Brush offers exceptional cleaning to toilet bowls. Its new design features an Ultrafibers cup to scrub the inner contour of the toilet bowl removing tartar and stains that we don't see; while brush bristles loosen and remove toilet stains. For its new design with a much longer handle it is more comfortable and practical to use. This brush features Ultrafresh that prevents the generation of fungi and bacteria.
$2.00 $2.59

Elky Pro Standard Bowl Brush

White acrylic yarn head. White plastic handle. 12" overall length.
$1.35 $1.07

Malish Twisted in Wire White Tampico Bowl Brush

Twisted in wire style brush securely attached with metal ferrule. Features extended use durability and resistance to chemicals. Hardwood handle with hang up hole. 20" overall length. Bristle trim length 7/8".
$2.96 $3.23

Rubbermaid 6310 Toilet Bowl Brush, Plastic Handle, Polypropylene Fill

Synthetic polypropylene bristles resist stains and odors
$5.48 $3.93

Rubbermaid 6320 Toilet Bowl Brush, Plastic Handle, Polypropylene Fill

Stain- and odor-resistant polypropylene bristles are shaped to simultaneously clean under rim and side of bowl.
$11.55 $8.29

Tolco™ Bowl Mop Caddy

Storage caddy for bowl mop and quart bottle. Large handle makes it easy to transport even with gloves on.
From $4.00

Tucel Brush and Flush Plus

The most revolutionary bowl cleaner available for odor and control of cross-contamination. The deodorizer and cleaner are in the brush-head and released each time the brush is used. When the blue color stops, simply unscrew the head from the handle, and replace with a refill unit and start cleaning.

Unger Ergo Toilet Bowl Brush Replacement Heads- BBRHR

These replacement brush heads BBRHR are designed for use with the Unger Ergo toilet bowl brush.
$9.88 $11.49