Stripping Supplies

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Backsplash Ring 3"

Stripper splashed on baseboards and walls means costly cleanups and dissatisfied customers. This splash controller back ring saves you money.
$42.00 $20.76

FloorDam™ Chemical Stopper

Prevents chemicals & liquids from running through doorways - easily installed, protects rooms not intended to be stripped.
$111.52 $132.40

Malish 96" Splash Guard - SWINGSG

This splash guard fits all rotary brush machines and buffers up to 20” in diameter. Designed to minimize the messy splash that results when running machines, the splash guard is made of flexible polypropylene and withstands and contains the grittiest of debris creating a cleaner working environment.

Tolco Stripper-Stop

Super absorbent fibers and moisture proof backing prevent chemicals and liquids from spreading into areas not being cleaned.
From $16.11