Stone and Concrete Maintenance

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17” Malish Aluminum Back Applix Diamond Driver - 824017

Features a special face material which provides excellent holding power for diamond discs and a variety of floor pads. This heavy duty cast block (11 lbs.) provides ultimate rigidity when used with diamond discs and extra weight needed when used in polishing, scrubbing or grinding applications.

Malish Flat Butcher Wire Concrete Scarifying Brush

Scarifying brush uses staple set butcher wire to cut through dirt and buildup on concrete floors and scratch the surface clean.
From $123.18

Malish SP-17 Surface Prep Tool w/Dual Position Blade Holders - 825017

The SP-17 floor surface preparation tool is an environmentally safe and productive tool for scraping concrete floors. The SP-17 was designed for scraping hard surface deposits including epoxy, fiberglass, glues, grout, ice, packed soils, paint and a variety of build-up on concrete surfaces. It is recommended to rotate cutter blades in a synchronized pattern to optimize cutter life and maximize production.

Malish TUFF-BLOCK® Diamond Pad Driver with Velcro® Face & Neoprene Pad

Perfect for natural stone care and maintenance of marble floor surfaces. The TUFF-BLOCK® Diamond Pad Driver with Velcro Face is designed to accommodate multiple floor applications ranging from diamond discs to pads, bonnets & abrasive pucks and it is perfect for natural stone care projects and maintenance of marble floor surfaces. Ideal for marble and natural stone surfaces.
From $169.24