Sanding Screens & Drivers

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3M Sanding Screens

Mesh screen disc with strong fiber, uniform open construction and consistent cut from start to finish.
From $72.70

Malish Economy Sandpaper Drivers

Economy Sandpaper Driver is made from a plastic one-piece block. A 3/8" foam pad and stamped metal centering device provide the holding power. This lightweight unit is excellent for the rental trade or for infrequent use situations.
From $72.32

Malish Floor Machine Dust Skirt

Create a clean, dust-free environment that allows you to breathe easier when sanding, grinding and buffing your most demanding flooring projects.
From $36.23

Malish Heavy Duty Sandpaper Drivers

Professional-grade heavy duty sandpaper driver is constructed from marine grade plywood and features a 3/8" thick foam pad for gripping sandpaper. A durable aluminum casting centers the sandpaper and will provide years of service.
From $128.31

Malish ORBO-LOK Sanding Driver w/P-200 Clutch Plate

This Malish innovation turns standard floor machines into orbital motion sanders. Use with a loose weave pad and sand screen. The orbital motion of the ORBO-LOK reduces back swirl marks while the pad absorbs dust, allowing increased sanding efficiency and reduced mess! Includes a Malish P-200 Clutch Plate to fit most machines.
From $75.81

Oreck Low Boy Sandscreens

17" sandscreens to fit the Oreck Low Boy Floor Machine - LB9000. Sold as a package of 10 screens.
From $7.87

Oreck Orbiter Sandscreens

Sandpaper on a small grid-like sheet that attaches to the Orbiter.
From $8.29

Sanding Screens

FOR FAST ACTION WOOD FLOOR REFINISHING More is what you’ll get from these silicon carbide coated sandscreens.
From $72.70