Replacement Rubber

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Ettore Master Rubber

Ettore rubbers have a razor sharp square edge, supple, smooth, & consistent which leaves glass perfectly clean and streak free.
From $1.41

Unger Black Series Power Rubber 18"/45cm Green - RR45G

The Black Series window tools have new, powerful features, real product improvements that will pay off noticeably in your everyday work. In addition, the black series features a modern, striking design that visibly reflects the exclusivity of this series.

Unger ErgoTec® Soft Rubber

An improved rubber formula feels & glides better on windows. Its higher rubber content with less fillers offer a longer lasting rubber.
From $2.85

Unger Hard Replacement Rubber 36" / 90 cm - RG92H

Ideal for warmer temperatures. Optimum liquid removal on large, flat surfaces. Coated with talcum to ensure freshness. Sold each.