Replacement Blades

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4" Replacement Heavy Duty Scraper Blades

One sharp side, one blunt side. 4" Wide.
From $1.54

4" Replacement Scraper Blades

One sharp side, one blunt side.
$6.73 $4.44

Bulk Single Edge Razor Blades - 100 Pk

Sold as a package of 100 blades.
$13.00 $7.24

Ettore 4" ScrapeMaster Replacement Blades - 1999

Sold as a case of 10 packages, 6 blades per package. Total of 60 blades.
$69.80 $43.11

Ettore Champion® 5" Scraper Replacement Blades - 46322

Case of 6 packages of replacement blades, 10 blades per package; total of 60 blades.
$72.90 $76.40

Ettore Super Scraper 4" Replacement Blades - 20291

Replacement blades for Ettore's Heavy Duty Super Scraper.
$9.88 $6.14

Strip 'N' Clean Scraper - Replacement Blades

Replacement blades for Strip 'N' Clean scrapers.
From $7.74

Unger 6 Inch Medium Duty Scraper Replacement Blades

Sold per case of five (10 pack) tubes = 50 blades. Each blade is .036" thick 6" wide carbon steel. Use these blades as a replacement with Unger 6" Medium Duty Scraper (MDSC0).

Unger ErgoTec Ninja Scraper Blades, 4"/10cm (25 Blades) - ENB10

Dual-sided sharp blades made from rust resistant 440A grade stainless steel which provides excellent edge retention and ensures that blades stay sharp. Each blade is honed to a precise edge, creating a perfect cutting angle that is razor sharp and consistent.