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3M Scothgard Pretreatment Cleaner Concentrate - 1 Gallon

Scotchgard Pretreatment Cleaner is a concentrated product formulated to loosen and suspend soil to allow heavy soil to be removed during carpet extraction.
$26.02 $25.17

Certified Encapsulating Pre-Spray Treatment - 1 Gallon

For high powered cleaning, use in conjunction with Certified Extraction Cleaner. A perfect pre-spray for heavily soiled traffic areas. Breaks down tough grease and dirt.
$23.59 $20.81

Certified Liquid Certi-Zyme Enzyme Pre-Spray

A special formulation containing enzymes and a pleasing fragrance. It may be used as a pre-spray for carpet cleaning or as a wet cleaning spray for upholstery cleaning.
$13.52 $4.74

Certified Pre-Spray Traffic Spotter

The ideal pre-spray treatment for heavily soiled areas. Its unique formulation makes it most effective for use on both oil and water spots, stains and soil. Traffic Spotter has been proven by many professional carpet cleaners.
$19.02 $19.08

Elky Pro Assault Traffic Lane Conditioner

Elky Pro Assault preconditions difficult traffic stains for faster more complete removal. Treated carpets come cleaner, faster with less detergent and less labor with Assault on the job.
From $40.14

Fabpro Enzyme Powder Detergent USR

A fast-acting, prespray concentrate that eats up grease and other protein-based soils for use on stain resist and other natural fibers. For use on carpets and upholstery.
From $48.77

Fabpro Filtration Soil Cleaner - 16 oz

For cleaning carpet soiled by the filtration lines along the edges of carpet.
$25.46 $29.54

Fabpro Green Traffic Lane Cleaner - 1 Gallon

A specially formulated pre-spray concentrate for cleaning high traffic areas.

Fabpro Neutral Heavy Duty Pre-Spray & Soil Remover - 1 Gallon

Fabpro's Neutral Heavy Duty Pre-Spray & Soil Remover is a special formulation of selected ingredients designed to loosen stubborn dirt and oils found on upholstery, draperies and delicate carpeting.
$42.42 $57.30