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Elky Pro 11" Pad Driver

11" pad driver holds bonnets and pads. To be used with Elky Pro 11" Electric Orbital Polisher - COM-17
$29.97 $34.79

Malish – Tall L-800 Lugs (set of 3) - L-800T

Fits floor machines from NSS (National Super Service), Tennant, Tennant Trend and Wetrock.

Malish MIGHTY-LOK Polymeric Face Pad Drivers

The molded polymer pad face has hundreds of individual hooks that grip into the threads of a floor pad and hold it securely while operating. The solid block includes a built-in riser and showerfeed holes allow use with solution dispensing machines.
From $46.72

Malish PAD-LOK™ Tufted Pad Drivers

Heavy polypropylene strands trimmed irregular at 3/4" are staple set in our TUFF-BLOCK®, making this the superior tufted pad driver choice. Tufts penetrate into the pad for secure holding power.
From $21.34

Malish TRI-LOK Polymeric Face Pad Drivers

Revolutionary, patent pending design combines the NP-9200 TRU-FIT® Universal Clutch Plate, built-in riser and a triangular showerfeed system for a cost-effective pad driver capable of handling the toughest jobs. Drives all standard or economy floor pads and bonnets.
From $32.35

Oreck Orbiter Floor Machine Pad Holder

This black plastic pad holder fits on the bottom of the Oreck Orbiter Floor Machine and holds floor pads in place with its plastic teeth.
$26.48 $17.75

Sanitaire 13" Inch Pad Driver for SC6001 Floor Machine - 61986

Pad driver for Sanitaire 13" floor machines.
$44.14 $54.39

Sanitaire Pad Driver

Locks onto the floor machine utilizing appropriate clutch plate. Holds various polishing pads in place during operation. Pad drivers are sized 1" smaller than machine diameter.
From $65.45