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    Odorcide 210 Laundry Concentrate - 16oz, 210L-P.

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    • USES: As a pre-treatment in a presoak for heavily contaminated items; For ongoing and optimal performance every time you machine wash clothing or other items.
    • PRE-TREATMENT: Pre-treat heavily contaminated items by simply adding ½ oz to water and soak prior to washing. When washing pre-treated items, follow the directions below.
    • STANDARD WASH CYCLE: For optimal performance, add Odorcide Laundry every time you wash at the following rates: Light odor loads: Add 0.25 oz; Moderate odor loads: Add 0.5 oz; Extreme odor loads: Add 1 oz
    • COMMERCIAL WASH: Add 1-2 oz of concentrate for every 10 lb of wash capacity
    • COMPATIBILITY: Odorcide Laundry can be added directly with the detergent or during the auto-soak cycle. Odorcide® Laundry is an additive, not a detergent, and is safe for use with detergents, fabric softeners, and other laundry additives.
    • SAFETY: All Thornell products are safe for use on any surface. As with any product, follow the label directions. Contains water, proprietary essential oil blend, and preservatives. Keep out of the reach of children. For external use only.

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Type Laundry Detergent
Brand Thornell Corporation


Got stinky kids? Sports gear, shoes, T-shirts, socks, Hockey gear. It’s the worst! Stop the stink and get Odorcide Laundry Odor Eliminator. It Eliminates laundry odors and embedded odors, including urine, sweat, smoke, and food odors. Works in standard washing machines and front end loaders. Odorcide Laundry will also keep your washing machine smelling fresh. Safe for all types of material. Odorcide Laundry has a pleasant linen fragrance that keeps items smelling fresh and clean for hours. 16oz

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