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Angle Support for Certified Model S Pile Lifter - 915-004

Machine requires 2. Sold each.

Cerified 4MF Synthetic Shampoo - 1 Gallon

A specially formulated, alkaline shampoo for the toughest cleaning jobs. Recommended for heavy soil and grease on synthetic fibers. Not recommended for use on wool or cotton carpets.
$15.09 $11.59

Certified 2001 Highly Concentrated Extraction Cleaner

Contains powerful cleaning agents, defoamers and a pleasant fragrance that gives you fast, effective, one-pass cleaning on even the most heavily soiled carpets.
From $14.51

Certified Anti-Stat Static Relief - 1 Gallon

Prevents the accumulation of static electricity in carpeting. Static Relief, when applied properly, will prevent unpleasant shocks from static electricity due primarily to low humidity in houses, businesses, hospitals, nursing homes or where computers are used.
$24.89 $15.81

Certified Bacteria Enzyme Digester

Contains selected strains of natural bacteria and enzymes to break down organic waste and urine that are in carpet. Also contains Certified's proprietary odor counteractant for effective odor removal.
From $4.02

Certified Berry Buster W-2 Proto-Spot

Berry Buster is an alkaline spotter for effective removal of spots and stains on the wet side such as blood, food dyes, inks, berry stains, eggs, gravies, butter and oil residues, gelatin, and vomit.
$18.17 $16.01