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    MDI Pristine Clean Wipes Extra Heavy Duty Shop Towels, Pro-Towel Performance - 10.5" x 15", White - 250' Roll In Tote Box 93141 [RAG-93141]

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Type Wiper
Brand MDI


Unlike rags, Pro-Towels are the same each and every time, clean, fresh and consistent in size, shape and perfomance. Made from Spunlace, a polyester cellulose blend engineered to deliver strength and absorption. Soft, strong, solvent resistant and 99.9% lint free. Preferred by operators of clean rooms and controlled manufacturing environments in the electronics -semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, aerospace and foodservice. Also used by technicians who service copy machines, telephone systems and other office equipment. Great for grease, oil, water and surface preparation prior to painting and other applications. Crepe/embossed for cloth-like feel and this process also increases the absorbency rate.The material is chemically pure and contaminant free. One box will replace 30 pounds or more of rags.

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