MD Central Vacuum

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15 amp Mini Breaker

15 amp minibreaker for 110 volt and 240 volt vacuum units replaces most all types of 15 amp minibreakers such as snap-ins and square buttons. If the minibreaker is attached to a circuit board the entire board will need to be replaced.

Modern Day Mesh Filter

Fits SilentMaster, MD, ModernDay, FloMaster, and others. Only one of these filters is needed in all these units. One mesh replaces three (mesh, foam, mesh) that were installed previously in some units. Can be cut to shape for some such as Vacumaid.

Nail-on Safety Plates

1-1/2 x 5 inches, to protect screws and nails from penetrating into the pipe. Simply hammer them on to the wood.
$1.51 $0.49

Steel for Firewall 2 x 6 inch

For new construction when the pipe line penetrates the fire barrier wall in garages, for example. Use rubber cement and couplings to connect to standard vacuum PVC piping.
$8.24 $5.09