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    M2 Professional Janitor Cart with Zippered Bag-Black, CAM1000, 8" casters on back, 3" casters on front, includes zippered bag, bag area comes with lid.

    Product Code: CAM1000
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    • Front platform for mop buckets or garbage containers
    • 8" casters at the back for use on rugged surfages
    • 3" casters at the front for maneuverability
    • Comes with a heavy-duty zippered bag, Replacement Bag CA-M1000
    • Has 3 smooth shelves
    • Bag area comes with a lid


Product Details

Product Information

Type Janitor Cart
Brand M2 Professional


This janitor cart with comes with a deluxe, heavy-duty zippered bag, which allows for easy removal of waste. It is constructed with a reinforced base that has 2 large 8" casters at the back, made for use on rugged surfaces. The 3" casters at the front of the cart make for easy maneuvering around tight corners. The large front platform can accomodate mop buckets and garbage containers. The cart's smooth surfaces on the 3 shelves are easy to clean and its multiple hooks are great for holding dust pans, caution signs, mop handles and brooms.

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