Looped End Wet Mops

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Elky Pro Loopmaster Looped End Wet Mop

This is the industry's best general purpose, launderable, looped-end wet mop. The top quality 4-ply cotton/synthetic blended yarn minimizes linting and gives you high absorption and durability, lasting up to 8 times longer than cut end mops.
From $6.09

Elky Pro Mopmaster Looped End Wet Mop

The Mopmaster delivers the advantages of looped end yarn but does not have a widespread tailband. The result: premium performance and longevity, economically priced just above a cut end mop.
From $5.27

Golden Star Screw-N-Go Rayon Wet Mop

Looped-end wet mop. Eliminates the need to purchase wet mop handle. Use any threaded handle. Lowers the replacement handle cost. Touchless mop replacement makes for a more sanitary change. Easy on/off is a labor saver and is convenient.
From $6.98

Rubbermaid Maximizer Blended Mop Head, Medium, Blue - 1924783

The unique Maximizer Blend delivers the highest absorbency ratio of any mop in its class. Absorbs up to 3X as much as cotton. Industry Leading Durability – Developed to withstand up to 50 commercial laundering cycles.

Rubbermaid Q200 Flow™ Nylon String Mop Head

Rubbermaid Q200 Flow™ Nylon String Mop Head
$34.65 $16.90

Rubbermaid Rough Surface Wet Mop, 20 oz, 5" Headband, Cotton/Synthetic, White

The Rubbermaid Commercial Rough-Surface Wet Mop is the economical choice for aggressive floor surfaces.
$22.50 $11.94

Rubbermaid Swinger Loop Shrinkless Wet Mop

Contains antimicrobial protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes odors and stains.
From $11.94

Rubbermaid T255 Rough Floor Looped Wet Mop Head

Withstands the tough abrasions found in nonslip tile, concrete, or raised textured and stone floors.
From $11.94

Rubbermaid Web Foot Wet Mop

Cotton/rayon/synthetic blend has an open twist blue yarn design
From $10.40