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    Libman Wide Commercial Angle Broom, 15 inch Wide X 55 inch Height, 0997006

    Product Code: LB-997
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    • 15 inch wide with 55 inch total height
    • 1" diam. steel handle with handle grip and hanger hole
    • 6 inch long staple-set, flagged fibers pick up dust and debris
    • Solid, one-piece resin block
    • Firm but flexible long-lasting fibers, made with recycled PET bottles
    • Multi-Surface- Can be used on all surface types from smooth to semi-rough surfaces

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    Individual Items $11.58
    Carton of 6 $69.49

Product Details

Product Information

Type Broom
Brand Libman


The Wide Commercial Angle Broom underscores what many appreciate about The Libman Company’s legacy in making quality brooms. The 15” wide sweeping path, which is wider than many others on the market, reduces cleaning time while cleaning more completely. A sturdy 1” wide steel handle provides strength and precise control, while the broom block protects the threads from pressure and corrosion. The environmentally friendly bristles are composed of recycled PET bottles, keeping plastics out of landfills while being made to last.

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