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    Libman Company Precision Angle Broom with Dustpan 206 [LB-206]

    Product Code: LB-206
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    • All-Surface fibers remove over 99% of dust, dirt, and hair in one sweep
    • Guaranteed quality construction
    • Flagged, split-tip fibers collect fine dirt & dust
    • Longer life, environmentally-friendly fiber made from recycled PET bottles retain their shape
    • Dust and hair won't cling to thick and strong, anti-static dustpan
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • 1-year warranty
    • Family Made in the USA

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    Individual Items $13.13
    Carton of 4 $52.53

Product Details

Product Information

Type Lobby Broom & Dustpan
Brand Libman


The Libman Precision Angle® Broom with Dustpan helps make clean-up a snap. Featuring 5” long fibers made from recycled PET bottles, these fibers are precisely cut to remove 99% of dust, dirt, and hairs in one sweep. The dustpan features a molded lip to seal against your floor to ensure the dirt winds up in the dustpan and not under it. Best of all, the guaranteed quality construction of the Precision Angle Broom and dustpan make them the ideal one-two punch for sweeping up inside or out.

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