Lambskin Specialties

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Lambskin Specialties Corner Boy Duster

Corner Boy is particularly effective dusting high, tight spaces, including light fixtures, vents and shelving. Web duster is designed to break up cobwebs in one pass.
$7.34 $6.89

Lambskin Specialties Corner Boy Duster Refill

Wool refill sleeve only for Corner Boy, secures to flex shaft with Vecro.
$4.72 $4.19

Lambskin Specialties Dusting Mitt 8" x 8" (one size fits all)

The original green duster, natural lambswool offers exceptional dusting power.

Lambskin Specialties Extension Dusters - 36 Pack

Considered a technological breakthrough when introduced over 20 years ago the 'extension duster' is a best seller and is the easiest way to reach high, out of the way, places. See TF-360 for individual duster.
$333.46 $231.57

Lambskin Specialties Flexible Extension Dusters

Extension Dusters are the easiest way to reach high, out of the way places. The Flex models offer extra convenience to get over and around the most difficult to reach surfaces. The head and shaft on the Flex models are completely flexible and virtually unbreakable.
$7.77 $6.09

Lambskin Specialties Polishing Pads - 5.5"

Ideal for finishing and touch-ups on wood and hard floors, including marble, terrazzo and rubber tiles.
$4.95 $4.09

Lambskin Specialties Utility Handle

Designed to compliment Lambskin Specialties products.
$13.13 $11.09

Lambskin Specialties Wall and Ceiling Duster

Wall and Ceiling Dusters are designed for high, expansive surfaces, including walls and ceiling moldings.
$9.28 $8.09