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McGuire Nicholas 343 Poly Shield Kneepads, 2 Straps

Heavy-duty plastic cap. Tight-weave medical grade elastic straps give twice the longevity of other pads. Absorbent, non-abrasive inner fabric.
$14.74 $10.35

McGuire Nicholas 343X-2 Easy Swivel Knee Pads

The Easy Swivel Kneepads come with a tri-buckle closure for a convenient closing and opening. The hard shell allows you to slide and swivel from side to side. Sold per pair.

McGuire Nicholas 345 Soft Cushion Knee Pads

Soft Cushion Kneepads are lightweight, high density foam padded for more comfort. They come with 2 straps with hook and loop closure that help the kneepads stay in place. Perfect for Professionals or Do It Yourselfers.
$12.38 $9.13

McGuire Nicholas 361 - Non-Skid Knee Pads

This Flex Top knee pad is a traditional knee pad that is washable and has a non-skid cap. Its flexible fold top provides comfort while standing. The rubber straps are adjustable. Sold per pair.