Kleenrite Chemical - Since 1969

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Kleenrite BioEnz - 1 Gallon

An odor eliminator that contains a highly effective odor counteractant system and a synergistic blend of specialized strains of non-pathogenic bacteria. These colonies have been chosen for their ability to produce specific enzymes that digest organic matter, thus removing the source of foul odors permanently.
$24.63 $24.33

Kleenrite Browning Treatment - 1 Gallon

Browning Treatment is a unique formula that provides exceptional results on tannin-type stains, such as cellulosic browning and yellowing, urine, fruit juice, beer and plant soil. This product does not require rinsing after application, and will not leave soil-attracting residue.
$13.23 $12.45

Kleenrite Dissolve (Mint) - 1 Gallon

Excellent for the removal of oil, tar, wax, gum, glue, paint, grease, crayon, lipstick, mascara, adhesives, nail polish and other petroleum base spots.
$30.47 $30.29

Kleenrite Dry Spotter VS - 1 Gallon

A volatile solvent base spotter that does not contain any ozone-depleting compounds. It will instantly dissolve oil, grease, paint, ink, fingerprints, as well as many water soluble spots. This fast drying formula will evaporate completely without rinsing, and will not leave any soil-attracting residue.
$59.08 $58.57

Kleenrite Extreme

A super concentrated pretreatment for use as an overall carpet prespray, or to be applied directly onto heavily soiled areas of carpet, such as traffic lanes. This product contains a premium blend of powders, solvents and emulsifiers that dissolve and suspend soil for quick, thorough extraction.
From $27.08

Kleenrite General Spotter - 1 Gallon

General Spotter is a powerful, professional-strength spotter for use on obstinate spots commonly found on carpet and water-safe fabric. It may also be used to remove red dye stains by using the heat transfer process.
$18.05 $17.90

Kleenrite KleenFog - 1 Gallon

A high-intensity odor counteractant formulated to neutralize severe odors in commercial and institutional facilities. The combination of RestorĀ® No LimitĀ® with several other active ingredients has made this product an instant-action odor eliminator on persistent malodors resulting from smoke, mildew and bacteria.
$28.79 $27.64

Kleenrite KleenGuard Choice - 1 Gallon

The latest advance in water base fluorochemical chemistry. It is for use on carpet and fabric to provide the best performing protection against both oil and water base stains. This product has superior fiber penetration and bonding properties to supply thorough, long-lasting protection. New dilutions give you the Choice!
$60.59 $50.03