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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Floor Stand and Tray - 1,200 mL Capacity

Touchless. Simple installation, dispenser mounts to included floor stand. Refillable 1,200 mL bottle holds gel sanitizer. Lockable with a window design. Dispenser has a light indicator for low power. Sensor detects issues between the bottle and dispenser, stops dispenser from working to avoid any leakage. Battery life (4 C batteries, not included) lasts for 30,000 pushes of sanitizer. Total 450,000 pushes of sanitizers.

Clorox GBG AloeGel Instant Hand Sanitizer - 4 oz Bottle

Cleanse and decrease bacteria on the skin when water is not available with Clorox Healthcare® GBG AloeGel® Instant Hand Sanitizer. Effectively kills 99.9% of common bacteria on skin without leaving a sticky residue. Created with healthcare professionals in mind, this hand sanitizer is specially formulated with ingredients that kill the bacteria that commonly contaminates the hands while it helps soothe the skin. AloeGel® contains 64% ethanol, designed to aid in the prevention of nosocomial infections without compromising the skin's integrity. The aloe vera-infused formula meets FDA guidelines for a healthcare hand sanitizer and contains vitamin E and emollients known to help condition and moisturize the skin, and it is made free of sulfates, phthalates, and petrolatum. When no soap and water is available for handwashing, apply Clorox Healthcare® GBG AloeGel® Instant Hand Sanitizer and kill pathogenic microorganisms with rapid antimicrobial action. Intended for use in healthcare facilities. Sold each.

DermaGel Waterless Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

DermalGel Waterless Hand Sanitizer is a mild, antibacterial gel with an alcohol content of 62% and a preservative to inhibit the regrowth of bacteria after drying.

Dial Antibacterial Gel Hand Sanitizer w/Moisturizers - 16oz Pump, Fragrance-Free, 8/Carton

Provides convenient, effective germ-kill that works to kill harmful disease-causing germs, yet is gentle on the hands. Desktop pump bottle. Sold as a carton containing 8 bottles. Each bottle contains 16 oz.

Dial Antibacterial Gel Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizers - 7.5oz Pump Bottle, 12/Carton

Provides convenient and effective bacteria-kill. Kills 99.999% of pathogenic bacteria in as little as 15 seconds. Dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic. Fragrance and dye-free. Contains skin conditioners. Sold as a carton containing 12 bottles. Each bottle contains 7.5 oz.

Dial Hand Sanitizer Foam DUO Dispenser Refill - Manual - 1.2 Liter

Dial® Hand Sanitizer Foam is alcohol-based but has a special moisture-lock system that is clinically proven to deliver 10 times more moisturization to the skin than if left untreated. As such, it visibly reduces the appearance of dry skin after use. Dial® Hand Sanitizer Foam meets OSHA, CDC, and FDA standards and guidelines.

GOJO PURELL® Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer - NXT® 1000 mL Refill

America's #1 instant hand sanitizer delivers advanced antimicrobial germ kill while being very kind to the skin.
$25.50 $12.41

GOJO®PURELL® LTX™ 1200 mL Refill - Advanced Green

PURELL® Advanced Green Certified Instant Hand Sanitizer

GOJO®PURELL® LTX™ 1200 mL Refill - Advanced Green Foam

PURELL® Advanced Green Certified Instant Hand Sanitizer