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Diversey Floor Science Floor Finish

Premium universal sealer/finish. Synthetic polymer floor finish/sealer produces a “wet look” high gloss.

Diversey Suma Stop Slip Traction Treatment - 1 Gallon

Designed to be applied full strength for traction treatment, which micro-texturizes the tile floor, helping make the floor safer. Use diluted for effective daily cleaning. Orange in color with no fragrance added.

Elky Pro Classic "Plus" Floor Finish

High performance seal and finish. Exceptional resistance to heel marks, scuffing and powdering. Seals and finishes which saves time, no undercoat required.
From $23.84

Elky Pro Classic H.D. Floor Finish

High solids - High Gloss - Low Maintenance. Hard non-buff finish dries to a shine.
From $22.87

Elky Pro Ultimate Floor Finish

18% solids. A non-buff, low maintenance floor finish. Dries to a beautiful gloss.
From $19.76

Elky Pro Ultimate High Speed Floor Finish

A "Wet Look" shine which deepens and intensifies with burnishing. Easy application with no streaks or swirls.
From $114.68

Elky Pro Wearmaster Sealer/Finish

A versatile sealer/finish formulated with enhanced adhesion characteristics for use on dense, non-resilient floors where very little penetration is available.
From $105.95

Floor Science Floor Finish

Synthetic polymer floor sealer/finish produces a "wet look" high gloss.

Floor Science Spray Buff - Gallon

Cleans and restores high gloss "wet look" of Floor Science Finish (sold separately) without build-up or discoloration.
$26.88 $16.15