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Bissell air220 air320 Replacement Carbon Filter - 2677

Keep your BISSELL™ air 220 or air320 air purifier running at its best by replacing the activated carbon filter every 6 months. This filter has a unique honeycomb shape that's fill with activated carbon pellets to capture odors and VOCs.

Bissell air220 Replacement High Efficiency and Pre Filter - 2678

Keep your BISSELL™ air220 air purifier running at its best by replacing the HEPA + Pre-Filter every 6 months. Regular maintenance, including replacing the filter with a genuine BISSELL HEPA + Pre-Filter replacement filter, means your machine can keep capturing dust, pet dander, pollen, odors, and VOCs in the air. This HEPA Filter captures 99.97% of micron particles and smaller, so you can breathe easy.

Bissell air400 Replacement Carbon Filter - 2520

Genuine Bissell filter. Sold each.

Bissell BigGreen BGCOMP9H Exhaust filter Hepa (Red) - HEPACAS-09

Genuine Bissell BigGreen filter. For Use With Bissell BigGreen Commercial canister vacuum model BGCOMP9.

Bissell Carbon Pre-Motor Filter for Cleanview Vacuums - 1601501

Genuine Bissell Carbon Pre-Motor Filter is washable. Wash in mild detergent and warm water and be sure the filter is completely dry prior to inserting back into machine. Fits CleanView® Upright Bagless Vacuums. Sold individually.

Bissell Exhaust Filter, HEPA Media - 2037715

Genuine Bissell filter. This filter is NOT washable.
$12.65 $8.99