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Shop-Vac Cartridge Filter for Industrial HangUp Vac - 903-19-00

Fits 852-XX INDUSTRIAL models only - dry pick up only. Approximate diameter 2.75".
$13.88 $8.69

Shop-Vac Cartridge Filter for Wet or Dry Pickup - 903-04-00

Designed to combat your toughest challenge, the Cartridge Filter can be used for both wet and dry pick-up and fits most Shop-Vac® wet/dry Vacs. Fits full size vacs.
$16.11 $9.89

Shop-Vac Cloth Filter - 901-02-00

Must be used in combination with a 905-85 Foam Sleeve. Made from durable cotton material, this cloth filter can be washed and reused to help save you both time and money. Perfect for pick-up of larger debris and dry material.
$4.89 $3.99

Shop-Vac Filter Retainer for Small Cartridge Filter - 318-30-00

This retainer fits the small cartridge filters, which are used on the 4 Gallon Floormaster, All Around Plus (not All Around), 5 Gallon Heavy Duty Portable, and the Hang Up Vacs (not the Industrial HangUp Vac).
$1.88 $1.15

Shop-Vac Floormaster Filter Cartridge - 903-99-00

Fits Shop Vac models including Hang Up Vacs, 5 Gallon Portable Contractor (H875), Floormaster Plus, All Around Plus, and Heavy Duty Portable. Fits utility vac models including QMH, QSH, QMH, QSH, 971-07-00, 971-08-00, 971-09-00 with red tanks.
$66.91 $48.30

Shop-Vac Foam Filter Sleeve - Generic

Generic foam filter fits Shop Vac wet/dry vacuums. Use the foam sleeve for picking up wet messes when used alone. A foam sleeve is also required when using reusable disc style filters. Sold each.
$2.26 $2.55

Shop-Vac Foam Sleeve - 905-85-00

Use the Foam Sleeve for picking up wet messes when used alone. The Foam Sleeve is also required when using reusable disc style filters.
$5.71 $3.49

Shop-Vac Hippo® Filters - 901-46-00

Disposable filter bags made for use with the Hippo® Portable Hand-held Vac. Includes 5 collection bags plus 1 secondary filter.
$13.51 $11.29

Shop-Vac Industrial Filter Bag for Back Pack Vac - 919-18-10

Washable and reusable for use with Back Pack Vac only. Full cloth filter. Use with 919-17 disposable collection filter bag.
$34.03 $24.09