Feminine Hygiene

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Maxithins Feminine Napkins

Size number 8. 8" x 3 1/4" x 7/8". Flat - individually boxed. 250 per case. Sold per case.

Safe-Use® Plastic Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

Unit empties from the bottom so hands never touch the contents.
From $27.22

Safe-Use® Sanitary Napkin Waxed Bags

Brown waxed bag fits in sanitary napkin receptacle. Package contains 250 bags.
$51.74 $35.38

Sanitary Napkin Bags

For use with sanitary napkin receptacle (KP-100).
$53.54 $34.80

Tampax Tampons

Individually wrapped and in vending tube. Tampax® is the name more women trust.
$99.62 $70.01

Waxed Bags for Guards Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

Bags for Guards Sanitary Napkin Receptacle
$31.68 $20.80

White Metal Floor Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

Waste receptacle for feminine hygiene products. Floor unit fits between stalls and has opening on both sides.
$26.92 $21.11

White Metal Wall Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

Sanitary napkin disposal with drop through feature. Person emptying need not touch contents.
$21.14 $17.29