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Fabpro Acetic Acid 7% - 1 Quart

Fabpro's Acetic Acid 7% may be used to reverse some browning problems. Acetic Acid 7% can also be added to products as an accelerator if indicated on label.
$10.37 $8.34

Fabpro Activator Powder - 8 lb

Concentrated oxygen detergent booster additive to synergise cleaning power of detergents, removes spot and stains and brightens colors and deodorizes. Biodegradable
$55.68 $52.13

Fabpro Anti-Static Spray Concentrate

Eliminates static electricity shock caused by electrical charge buildup in carpet.
$26.27 $24.59

Fabpro Browning And Coffee Stain Remover - 1 Gallon

Removes cellulose browning from carpet and upholstery. Removes coffee and smoke stains. Effective in reducing water marks. Biodegradable. Sold each.
$12.23 $11.43

Fabpro Carpet Detergent Enzyme Formula - 6 lb

A specially formulated detegent for carpet soiled by food spillage requiring special attention because of the protein content in the soil.
$28.03 $26.25

Fabpro Citric Acid

Stabilizes dyes, reduces browning and removes yellowing.
From $9.17

Fabpro Citrus Solvent - 1 Gallon

A high solvency system that cuts gum grease, tar, chewing gum, adhesives and many other spots. Does not contain any butyl, chlorinated or aromatic solvents.

Fabpro Colorfast Upholstery Cleaner - 1 Gallon

For use in portable jet extraction machines designed or adapted for wet cleaning upholstery.
$38.67 $36.20