Entrance Mats

Entrance matting often provides a building’s first impression to visitors. It is also the first line of defense for keeping dirt and debris out of your facility. Entrance mat products are designed to remove dirt and moisture from shoes, prevent debris from travelling within facilities, make entrance ways look clean and tidy and reduce slip hazards.

Benefits of Entrance Mats

  • Reduce cleaning costs
  • Contribute to improved indoor air quality
  • Protect and preserve interior flooring
  • Help prevent slips, trips and falls
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NoTrax 117 Heritage Rib™ Entrance Mat

Heritage Rib™ offers a heavier-weight double rib high/low design that performs the scraping function of the mat. This medium to heavy traffic entrance mat is intended for areas that need extra moisture retention and scraping action. Heritage Rib™ has 33% more carpet than many competitors’ “best” rib mats. Heavy-weight vinyl non-slip backing ensures minimum movement.

NoTrax 130 Sabre™ Entrance Mat

A step above the commodity entrance mat, Sabre™ is designed for use in light to medium foot traffic areas. Sabre’s™ durable Decalon® fibers provide moisture and dirt retention at entrances, lobbies, and passageways; reducing slip hazards and floor care maintenance. A vinyl non-slip backing helps to minimize mat movement.

NoTrax 169 Opus™ CTE™ Entrance Mat

Opus™ CTE™ is a rubber-backed entrance mat intended for use in medium to heavy traffic areas. The non-directional rasied, crushproof diamond pattern of Opus™ CTE™ aggressively scrapes and cleans, while the carpet-to-edge (CTE™) permieter entraps dirt and moisture for superior water and soil control. Molded rubber "cleats" on the underside of the mat grip the underlying surface minimizing mat movement.