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    Elky Pro Cut End Finish Mop, 4-Ply Rayon, 1" Band, Natural - Medium 16oz, EPCS273, formerly SA-273

    Product Code: EPCS273
    Product Unit: Each
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    • 4 ply, cut end, rayon/polyester blend yarn
    • Standard mop is white material
    • Excellent for laying disinfectants, sealers, strippers and floor finish
    • Resists mold and mildew so the mop stays fresher longer
    • Long stapled yarn for long life and minimal linting
    • 85% recycle material content


Product Details

Product Information

Type Wet Mop
Brand Elky Pro


This mop is ideal for limited use applications such as spill pick up and periodic damp mopping. With its high quality 4 ply rayon/polyester yarn, Texcel rinses out faster and more completely than cotton.

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