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    Elky Pro Kwik Kleen - All-Purpose Neutral Cleaner - 55 Gallon Drum

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    • Kwik Kleen is an EXCELLENT neutral cleaner, a great alternative to Mr. Clean. Told me if I use Mr. Clean, to “throw it away”. Uses on floors, walls, kitchen, bath, etc. Has been using this product for 30 years! Started using it when he started as a caretaker after retiring from the military. Really good cleaner. Wipe it off, no rinsing, which is great! Damascus Genera


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Type All Purpose Cleaner
Brand Elky Pro


Elky Pro Kwik Kleen - 55 Gallon Drum A concentrated, non-alkaline cleaner specifically formulated to clean modern floor finishes without harming them. Kwik Kleen will not leave a residue or dull finishes when used as directed. It removes surface dirt from floor finishes and other washable surfaces which are sensitive to alkali. For the best results on floors, use a daily maintenance program. Great for floor finishes, varnished wood, painted surfaces, tile, marble and terrazzo. Lemon scented yellow colored liquid that is freeze/thaw stable. Enhances gloss and requires no rinsing. Leaves no film or haze. Contains brightener and gloss reconditioners. Safe on all washable surfaces. 8.5 pH. Lemon fragrance. Concentrated - Dilution Ratios: Normal Cleaning -3oz per gallon of water; Heavy Cleaning - 6 1/2oz per gallon of water; Light Cleaning - 2oz per gallon of water; Portion Control - Mop Bucket 1oz to 5 gallons water; Auto Scrubber 1oz to 8 gallons water

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