Dust Mops

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3M Easy II Duster Holder

Holder allows use of both sides of the duster without need to touch.
From $41.99

3M Easy Trap Duster Cloths

Holds 6 times more dust, dirt, sand, and hair than traditional mops and other disposable dusting systems. The unique fibers on the cloths pick up debris even when wet.
From $10.10

3M™ Easy II Holder Replacement Material

Replacement attachment tape for front edge of Easy II Holder.
$21.34 $17.72

Chicopee Chix® Masslinn® Dusting Tool

When used with Stretch .n Dust® wipers (sold separately), dusting tool enhances floor finishes and controls dust. Lock-n-go wiper-gripping surface ensures secure attachment. 360° swivel provides excellent maneuverability.
$26.45 $44.54

Elky Pro Castmaster Dust Mop

Disposable dust mop for ease of use - factory treated. Non-absorbent backing, wrap around tie-straps, and full 4" outside fringe.
From $4.54

Elky Pro Duramaster Dust Mop

Launderable for continued use. Durable cotton yarn for better treatment absorption, exclusive 5" head, longer perimeter yarn.
From $7.49

Elky Pro Modular Disposable Dust Mop

Saves money and inventory space. 40 linear feet per box, fits all standard 5" wire frames. Factory-treated with Dust Loc, comes with cutting knife. Each mop can last up to 200,000 - 300,000 square feet.
$130.26 $85.97

Elky Pro Slip-On Wedge Dust Mop -

4-ply cotton yarn, heavy "duck canvas". 8" x 12". Sold each
$7.20 $4.21