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Cyclo Cutting Wool Foam Pad - 72-455

The preferred multipurpose wool/poly pad, used for metal polishing and aggressive paint compounding. This pad is excellent for removing swirl marks and scratches. Sold each.

Cyclo Orbital Switch - 30-000

Switch, single pole, single throw, 230V, Model 5 and 5C

Cyclo ProShine Disc

A unique, resilient and cushioned abrasive disc available in grades of 1,500, 2,400, 4,000, 6,000, 8,000, and 12,000.

Cyclo Rubber Pad Holder - 85-110

4" rubber base with Velcro hook material that fits over Cyclo polisher heads and allows the attachment of any of Cycle's Velcro loop pads in addition to the 600 grit Fast Cut Pad.
$9.88 $7.29

Cyclo White Glazing/Finishing Pad w/Velcro Loop - 85-085

This superfine pad is used in final buffing, after polishing with other pads. Excellent for applying sealants and buffing out wax. 4" pads, sold each.
$4.06 $3.39