Commutator Maint.

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Diamond D Brush Seating and Cleaning Stone, 4-3/4” x 1/2” x 1/4”, Medium Soft (4/Box)

Commutators and slip ring brushes of any material can be easily and accurately seated with Diamond D Brush Seaters. Just hold the Brush Seater on the commutator close to the brush so the Brush Seater material will be carried under the brush. At the same time, press on the brush to increase pressure.

Diamond D Commutator Treating Kit

You'll never find a more versatile tool than this one ─ the shape can be quickly changed to fit any job. Simply dip the tool in hot water for one minute, then bend the handle to suit your particular application.
From $36.87

Powr-Polish™ Flexible Abrasive

Fine-grain, non-dusting abrasive held together by a flexible bond. Serves as both commutator cleaner and burnisher. Removes dirt and grease - imparts super finished surface. Non-conductive and non-loading.
$25.10 $11.65