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Continental 495 Self Priming Nickel Plated Pump

Fits fifteen, thirty and fifty-five gallon drums with a one and one half inch or two inch openings. Dispenses twenty-two ounces per stroke. Nickel plated pump resists chemical action of non-corrosive liquids.
$50.72 $26.09

Dema 633 Blend Center Single Station Dispenser

Eliminate the inaccurate and wasteful glug-glug dispensing method with DEMA Blend Center dispenser valves. This versatile dispenser can be mounted individually or built into a system to perfectly fill spray bottles or buckets every time.

Drum Faucet for 5 Gallon Liquid Dispenser

3/4" drum faucet is durable and inexpensive. Fits standard IPS drum threads and is compatible with a wide variety of chemicals.
$474.89 $2.37

Elky Pro Portable Proportioner

Portable Proportioner for "closed loop" chemical system
$38.10 $20.32

Model HDSP High Output Drum Siphon Pump

Pump fits 15, 30 and 55 gallon drums. Seven gallon per minute flow rate. Compatible with most cleaning solutions and corrosive chemicals. Use with thin, easily flowing chemicals. Do not use with solvents.
$17.40 $10.32

Pro-Blend™ Proportioner for Gallon Bottles

It's as simple as turn, squeeze, pour. Reduces product waste and eliminates the need for costly proportioning systems.
$404.80 $2.02

Rubber Utility Hose - 5/8" x 4'

Inexpensive, perfect size for janitor's closets and proportioner hookups.
$9.10 $10.91

Swivel Faucet for 5 Gallon Liquid Dispenser

The 3/4" swivel faucet's small diameter opening allows you to fill bottles directly from the dispenser. Swivel handle operates easily and the gasket seals faucet tight to the dispenser.
$2.89 $2.04

Tolco Shur-Fill Dispenser Replacement Closure

Includes 38mm vent closure and gasket.
$1.24 $1.05