Bonnet Cleaners

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Certified Encapsulating Shampoo-Spin Cleaner

A fast acting, quick drying shampoo, spin cleaner which incorporates Certified's encapsulating technology to bind the soil, which is then removed through daily vacuuming. Leaves no harmful residue.
$21.48 $20.91

Certified Wool-Cotton Shampoo (Liqua-Acid)

Specifically formulated for shampooing and/or bonnet cleaning white or pastel colored carpet. Wool-Cotton minimizes the risk of browning or yellowing on light colored carpet often caused by highly alkaline extraction cleaners. Extremely effective for cleaning Haitian cotton upholstery fabric.
$17.02 $18.63

Diversey Bonnet Buff, Unscented - 1 Gallon

Formulated for spin bonnet cleaning, does not cause resoiling and combines powerful solvents for effective cleaning. Clear in color with a fruity floral scent.

Elky Pro Bannish Bonnet Method Cleaner

Bannish is a concentrated blend of fast acting solvents and detergents designed to penetrate and emulsify oily soils and hold them in solution for removal with an absorbent, spin bonnet.
From $16.76

Fabpro Concentrated Soil Retardant Rotary Cleaner - 1 Gallon

For bonnet cleaning and carpet protection in one operation.
$32.61 $44.03

Fabpro Concentrated Soil Retardant Rotary Cleaner W/FPR - 1 Gallon

A water based cleaning system with soil retardant additives for interim carpet maintenance using the bonnet or pad system with rotary machines. Virtually eliminates soil buildup.
$36.53 $42.43

Kleenrite SpinKleen - 1 Gallon

A fast drying bonnet cleaner formulated with citrus solvent. This product is for use with low-speed rotary floor machines to clean and deodorize without leaving a soil-attracting residue.
$24.53 $23.86