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Hoover MPWR 40V Charger - CH07150

Works with MPWR™ 40V Cordless Upright (CH95519) and MPWR™ 40V Cordless Backpack (CH93619). * Battery and Charger sold separately. Nobody knows better than you that improving the productivity and efficiency of an entire team can save you time and money. When you go cordless with the HOOVER® Commercial MPWR™ 40V battery system, your team has the swap-and-go flexibility to seamlessly recharge and replace batteries among multiple uprights and backpacks without slowing down. And, at a 40%* lower price of other cordless products, you can go cordless without compromising your budget.

Hoover M-PWR 40V Dual Bay Charger - CH90002

The M-PWR 40V System enhances productivity and empowers the performance of Hoover HUSHTONE Cordless Vacuums. When two batteries are in place, the battery with the most charge will be charged first. This ensures the fasted time to full charge. When a fast charge time of 90 minutes max per battery, get back to cleaning faster minimizing downtime.

Hoover M-PWR 40V Li-Ion Battery - CH90040

Cannot be shipped air

Oreck M-PWR 20V Charger - BK00110

Battery not included. Holds and charges M-PWR 20V Battery

Oreck M-PWR 20V Lithium Ion Battery - BK00100

Fade-free performance. Lithium Ion Technology Interchangeable with all M-PWR 20V tools. Up to 25 minutes of run time. Charger not included.

Sanitaire Replacement Battery - SC50A

Genuine Sanitaire battery. For QUICKBOOST Cordless Upright Vacuum SC7500A.