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11" Orbital Polisher Bonnet

Fits the COM-17 Polisher, all metal and 2300 Waxcoat. 11 inch diameter - safe for all finishes. Sold each,
$4.84 $3.39

6" Koblenz Carpet Shampoo Brushes

Set of two six inch replacement carpet brushes for Koblenz carpet shampooers.
From $11.09

Cyclo ProShine Disc

A unique, resilient and cushioned abrasive disc available in grades of 1,500, 2,400, 4,000, 6,000, 8,000, and 12,000.

Cyclo Rubber Pad Holder - 85-110

4" rubber base with Velcro hook material that fits over Cyclo polisher heads and allows the attachment of any of Cycle's Velcro loop pads in addition to the 600 grit Fast Cut Pad.
$9.88 $7.29

JacksonLea Loose Conventional Wheel Buff, Diameter - 8"

Made from selected discs of fine cotton sheeting joined by one circle of sewing around the hole. Provides moderate cutting action because of its extreme flexibility. Excellent for coloring most materials.

Koblenz All Purpose Neutral Cleaner

A professional formula neutral cleaner designed to use with Koblenz and Regina floor shampooers and polishers.

Koblenz Basic Hardfloor Maintenance Kit C - 45-0418-9

Includes 1 quart neautral cleaner, 1 quart heavy duty cleaner, 1 quart wax stripper and 1 quart high gloss floor finish.

Koblenz Cleaning & Polishing Pads - 45-0105-2

Set of two six inch replacement cleaning and scrubbing pads for Koblenz and Regina carpet shampooers and floor polishers.