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20" Aqua 3M Burnishing Pads 3100

For use on softer finishes. Produces a brilliant gloss. Exceptional durability and life. The problem solver for soft finishes.
From $47.50

20" Aqua Elky Pro Burnishing Pads

Ideal for high frequency burnishing programs (daily); Specifically designed for soft finishes; Produces less powdering and higher gloss levels.
$28.85 $19.84

20" Black 3M High Productivity Stripping Pads (No. 7300)

Features an entirely new kind of construction that utilizes larger diameter nylon fibers and larger abrasive particles in a very open web. The open design allows stripping solution to flow easily through the pad.
$94.88 $92.14

20" Black 3M Stripping Pads 7200

The industry standard against which all other stripping pads are compared. Maintains consistent high performance throughout the life of the pad.
$50.80 $48.84

20" Black Americo Stripping Pads, 5 Pack

Very aggressive stripping pad for wet stripping applications. Recommended for use on machines up to 350 rpm. Sold as a carton of 5 pads.

20" Black Elky Pro High Performance Stripping Pads

Heavy-duty stripping of finish, dirt and build-up. It is a high performance pad for conventional speed rotary machines. Use it at 175-600 RPM for optimal results.
$46.73 $32.12

20" Black Elky Pro Stripping Pads

Aggressive, heavy-duty pad for wet stripping performance. Quickly cuts through old finish, dirt and build-up. High resiliency helps to conform to uneven floors.
$28.58 $19.65

20" Blue Elky Pro Cleaning Pads

For heavy-duty scrubbing prior to recoating; Removes dirt, spills and scuffs, leaving a clean surface ready for recoating.
$28.58 $19.65

20" Brown 3M Stripping Pads 7100

For wet or dry stripping. Prepares floors for recoating. Quickly and easily cuts through old finish. Conforms to uneven floors.
$50.80 $33.93