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19" Black 3M High Productivity Stripping Pads (No. 7300)

Features an entirely new kind of construction that utilizes larger diameter nylon fibers and larger abrasive particles in a very open web. The open design allows stripping solution to flow easily through the pad.
$81.76 $64.70

19" Emerald Elky Pro Stripping Pads

Aggressive, extra-heavy-duty pad for maximum wet stripping performance. Quickly cuts through old finish, dirt and build-up
$42.58 $24.82

19" Gray 3M Stone Polishing Pads 4000

Synthetic fiber pad polishes marble floors. Unique fiber, mineral and resin construction pad that will never rust. Mineral dispersed throughout pad provides consistent performance.
$105.42 $73.79

19" Natural White Elky Pro Burnishing Pads

Natural hair and synthetic fiber pad; Provides excellent results on a wide variety of floor finishes and traffic conditions.
$30.58 $18.17

19" Black Elky Pro Stripping Pads

Aggressive, heavy-duty pad for wet stripping performance. Quickly cuts through old finish, dirt and build-up. High resiliency helps to conform to uneven floors.
$27.43 $15.57

19" Green Elky Pro Scrubbing Pads

Heavy-duty, deep scrubbing pad is ideal for scrub and recoat applications. Removes worn or damaged floor finish.
$26.18 $15.26

19" Blue Elky Pro Cleaner Pads

Moderate scrubbing pad for scrub and recoat applications or light wet spray cleaning of floors prior to burnishing and polishing.
$26.18 $15.57

19" Red Elky Pro Spray Buffing Pads

A conventional, multi-purpose pad for wet and dry buffing and daily cleaning.
$26.18 $15.57

19" Tan Elky Pro Buff Polishing Pads

A conventional spray buff pad made with rubberized resins for wet or dry buffing.
$21.30 $15.18