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1-1/4" Extension Wand - Plastic

Beige color friction fit plastic extension wand. 1-1/4" by 19"
$2.22 $1.52

Shop-Vac 10" Combination Floor Nozzle - 906-21-00

Great for any all-purpose clean-up, the ten inch Combination Floor Nozzle is a new design that has the ability to pick up wet and dry messes without the need for a separate squeegee insert. Connects directly to any hose with a 1-1/4" opening.

Shop-Vac 10" Master Nozzle - 906-03-00

Combine the 10" Master Nozzle with the 10" Brush Shoe (dry, hard surfaces), Squeegee (wet pick-ups), or Rug Shoe (ideal for rugs and carpets) and optimize your Shop-Vac® wet/dry Vac's ability to meet all of your pick-up needs. Connects to any 1-1/4" hose).
$12.88 $12.74

Shop-Vac 10" Squeegee Shoe - 906-05-00

Fits 906-03 10" Master Nozzle. When combined with the 10" Master Nozzle, the 10" Squeegee Shoe is ideal for any wet pick-ups your Shop-Vac® wet/dry Vac may encounter.

Shop-Vac 1-1/4" Basic Cleaning Kit - 801-83-00

This is a great all-purpose basic accessories kit that can add versatility to your vac. The seven foot hose, pair of Extension Wands, and ten inch Combination Nozzle will allow you to tackle endless tasks with your vac.

Shop-Vac 3-Piece 1-1/4" Extension Wands - 906-14-00

This three piece set of Extension Wands can be used with any 1-1/4" hose. The added length allows you to use your Shop-Vac® wet/dry Vac for any hard-to-reach job.

Shop-Vac 6" Brush Shoe Fits 906-00 6" Master Nozzle - 906-02-00

Combine the 6" Brush Shoe with the 6" Master Nozzle for dry pick-ups on hard surfaces.

Shop-Vac 6" Master Nozzle - 906-00-00

The 6" Master Nozzle can be combined with either the Brush or Squeegee inserts for tackling wet or dry pick-ups in small places. The Master Nozzle connects directly to any hose with a 1-1/4" opening.

Shop-Vac Claw Utility Nozzle for 1-1/4" Hoses - 919-61-00

Ideal for vehicle interiors, boats and campers.