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    Behold Cleaning Polish

    $9.86 $10.65
    A great cleaning polish that cleans, waxes, polishes, moisturizes, protects wood furniture, and other types of surfaces.

    Certified Re-Wood-It Wood Gel

    $84.90 $115.99
    Cleans and restores wood surfaces due to smoke and water damage. Puts moisture and a hard, glossy protective finish back in wood furniture and paneling. Re-Wood-It is a gel and will not separate.

    Claire Citra Gloss All Surface Duster & Polish 20oz

    A unique dust-blocking, no wax formula for use directly on surfaces as well as on cloths and mitts

    Diversey Shine-Up Furniture Cleaner 32 oz

    Ready-to-use Shine-Up cleans and polishes furniture to a beautiful shine

    ECOS PRO™ Furniture Polish 6/32oz Spray Bottles

    Genuine furniture cleaner, conditioner and protectant formulated with a meticulous blend of olive, lemon and orange oils. Unmatched performance on unfinished or finished wood surfaces, permeates surface restoring wood to a healthy glow. Can also be used on Formica, sealed granite, particle board and vinyl surfaces.

    Elky Pro Dust Mop Treatment

    $3.89 $5.55
    This oil based dust mop treatment formulation attracts dust and dirt to mops and cloths. The effect of the chemicals increases the dust catching capabilities and eliminates flying dust and resettling.

    Elky Pro Furniture Polish with Lemon Oil

    $3.09 $5.28
    An emulsion polish that dusts and cleans in one application. A rich blend of silicon's, cleaners, and lemon oil that cleans, polishes, and protects fine furniture, all wood work, vinyl, plastic, Formica, leather, and metal. Leaves a clear, hard bright shine.

    Endust Dust Control

    $11.93 $13.75
    Coats your mop or cloth with tiny beads that trap and hold dust.

    Old English® Furniture Polish - 12.5 Ounce

    $3.99 $6.63
    The quick and easy way to clean, shine and help protect your furniture every day without residue buildup.