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    Sanitary Napkin Receptacles and Liners

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    Hospeco Dual No.1 Vendor

    $283.99 $363.61
    Dispenses both Sanitary Napkins and Tampax Tampons. Allows women to choose their protection. Capacity: 15 Sanitary Napkins (No. 4 size box) and 25 tampons with storage

    LINER,FOR KP-101,500/CS

    $19.89 $42.90
    LINER,FOR KP-101,500/CS

    Rubbermaid Sanitary Napkin Receptacle with Rigid Liner - 6140

    $56.50 $118.50
    Plastic with removable rigid liner for easy cleaning. Includes five waxed paper liner bags.

    Rubbermaid Waxed Bags for Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

    $34.33 $47.90
    Leak-resistant wax-coated paper bags are an excellent choice for public ladies' rooms.

    Safe-Use® Plastic Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

    From $24.22
    Unit empties from the bottom so hands never touch the contents.

    Safe-Use® Sanitary Napkin Waxed Bags

    $35.08 $51.74
    Brown waxed bag fits in sanitary napkin receptacle. Package contains 250 bags.

    White Metal Floor Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

    $21.11 $26.92
    Waste receptacle for feminine hygiene products. Floor unit fits between stalls and has opening on both sides.

    White Metal Wall Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

    $17.29 $21.14
    Sanitary napkin disposal with drop through feature. Person emptying need not touch contents.

    Sanitary Napkin Receptacles and Liners