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    D.O.T. Reacher

    From $2.89
    Strong enough to pick up a 5 lb. brick, yet nimble enough to pick up a dime. Industrial-quality pick-up tool eliminates repetitive bending.

    R1536E Econo Line Bullet Trash Can - White

    $172.24 $225.25
    This "silent firefighter" is on duty 24 hours a day. Has self-closing stainless steel door and galvanized steel inner liner for safety and odor control.

    Unger NiftyNabber® Bagger (Blue)

    $33.28 $39.32
    Collapsible trash bag with chasing arrows recycling logo makes the perfect outdoor tool for gathering recycling. Rugged plastic bottom can be pulled over any surface, such as asphalt, cement, gravel or grass.

    Unger NiftyNabber® Bagger (Green)

    $33.28 $39.32
    Practical waste carrier for indoor and outdoor cleaning. Use with or without trash liner. Internal steel spring makes the bagger sturdy and rigid.

    Unger NiftyNabber® Pro

    From $25.80
    Ideal for picking up bottles and garbage outdoors, in addition to retrieving out-of-reach items.

    Unger People’s Paper Picker Pin

    $14.04 $21.09
    Easily remove litter such as paper, cans and plastic cups. No bending, no backaches.

    Unger Replacement Pin Plugs for PaperPicker

    $52.85 $74.61
    Durable, lightweight steel body with replaceable pin plug.