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Continental 1.1 Cubic Yard Tilt Trucks

All models are equipped with deluxe roller bearing wheels and heavy-duty casters. Wheels are inset to fit standard office doorways and to reduce wall and door damage.
From $200.62

Continental 1.5 Cubic Yard Tilt Trucks

All models have one-piece seamless industrial plastic construction and are equipped with deluxe roller bearing wheels and heavy-duty casters. This Tilt truck is easily handled by one person and is ideal for industrial/commercial applications.
From $353.96

Continental 160A Urinal Screen

This 100% vinyl urinal screen is unscented and lasts up to 6 months! It's not affected by acids or cleaning solutions, and its contoured design can be cut with scissors to fit any urinal.
$6.11 $4.02

Continental 188YW Replacement Bag for Janitor Cart

Designed to help transport heavy and awkward loads. These ergonomic bags zip open completely to easily remove heavy contents and avoid back injury.
$32.50 $25.22

Continental 3" Replacement Caster w/Insert

Replacement caster for several Continental carts, buckets, etc.
$8.95 $7.60

Continental 330 Adjustable Plastic Drum Pump

Fits 5 to 30 gallon drum with 3/4" or 2" Opening, self venting.
$25.02 $14.11

Continental 495 Self Priming Nickel Plated Pump

Fits fifteen, thirty and fifty-five gallon drums with a one and one half inch or two inch openings. Dispenses twenty-two ounces per stroke. Nickel plated pump resists chemical action of non-corrosive liquids.
$50.72 $31.52

Continental 6012 Sponge Mop 12" With Handle (12 Pack)

Highly absorbent cellulose sponge is excellent for maintenance and sanitizer applications. Steel painted handle with hanger handle grip.
From $314.42