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    Brush Seater and Commutator Cleaner

    From $38.28
    Gentle abrasive for seating carbon brushes and cleaning commutators and slip rings. Soft loosely bound grain produces a scouring effect when held against commutator. Will not scratch or remove copper. Self-cleaning.

    Diamond D Commutator Treating Kit

    From $18.76
    You'll never find a more versatile tool than this one ─ the shape can be quickly changed to fit any job. Simply dip the tool in hot water for one minute, then bend the handle to suit your particular application.

    Diamond D Plastone® Flexible Files

    $15.51 $20.62
    This unique product offers all of the traditional features of ordinary files — plus the flexibility you often need. Plastone flexible files are made of hard abrasive materials pressed into a flexible core.

    Powr-Polish™ Flexible Abrasive

    $11.65 $25.10
    Fine-grain, non-dusting abrasive held together by a flexible bond. Serves as both commutator cleaner and burnisher. Removes dirt and grease - imparts super finished surface. Non-conductive and non-loading.