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    CLR PRO Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover

    From $22.58
    The most powerful formula available for dissolving tough calcium and lime deposits and surface rust stains from tubs, toilet bowls, sinks, glass, chrome, fiberglass, and stainless steel.

    CLR PRO Commercial Drain Line & Grease Trap Treatment

    From $38.90
    Live microbial formula won’t harm pipes. Performance ready friendly bacteria digests and degrades fats, oils and grease to promote free-flowing drains and grease traps.

    CLR PRO Grease Magnet

    From $22.79
    Non-toxic, non-corrosive industrial strength degreaser. Water-based and biodegradable.

    CLR PRO Kitchen Cleaner - 32oz Spray Bottle

    $6.57 $7.70
    The fast and effective way to clean stainless steel, white grout and tile, countertops, dishware as well as glassware in office break rooms, restaurants and hotels. CLR PRO Kitchen Cleaner is part of the EPA’s Safer Choice Program (formerly Design for the Environment (DfE)) recognizing the product as a safer alternative to chemicals. This multipurpose, multi-surface, non-toxic cleaner will clean soap deposits off sinks and chrome fixtures.

    CLR PRO Septic Treatment

    From $38.90
    Only Septic System treatment EPA’s DfE formula for safer chemistry. Multi-purpose use for septic systems, drains , toilets and RV tanks.

    CLR Stain Magnet Multi-Surface Stain Remover - 26oz Trigger Sprayer

    A powerful all-purpose, multi-surface stain remover.

    CLR Stainless Steel Cleaner - 12oz Aerosol

    $5.60 $6.33
    Formulation for all stainless steel appliances. Provides a clean streak free shine. Leaves no residue. 12oz aerosol. Sold each.

    CLR Stone Cleaner - 12oz Aerosol

    $5.60 $6.33
    For granite, marble, Corian, tiles, & other hard surfaces. Provides a streak free shine. Safe to use, will not scratch. Removes food and grime with one step cleaning and protection.

    Tarn-X PRO Tarnish Remover

    From $39.59
    "Wipe & Rinse" tarnish remover specifically formulated for sterling silver, silver plate, platinum, copper, gold and diamonds. Industrial uses for cleaning copper in factory settings and mechanic shops.