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    Claire Anti-Static Spray

    $4.59 $7.42
    A multi-purpose anti-static spray that removes the electrostatic charges that attract dust particles and cause static electricity. Eliminates static shock and static cling. Safe to use on a wide range of inanimate objects.

    Claire Bed Bug, Lice and Dust Mite Spray

    $4.43 $9.11
    This powerful bed bug insecticide contains active ingredients designed to kill adult lice and lice nymphs as they hatch on inanimate surfaces and dust mites, ticks, fleas and bedbugs. Will not stain water-safe fabrics and surfaces. One clothing treatment lasts 2 weeks.

    Claire Citra Gloss All Surface Duster & Polish 20oz

    A unique dust-blocking, no wax formula for use directly on surfaces as well as on cloths and mitts

    Claire Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner

    $2.84 $4.38
    This foaming all-purpose cleaner cleans, disinfects and deodorizes all in one easy step. Spray it on and wipe it off. Cleans and disinfects without scouring or scratching surfaces.

    Claire Disinfectant Spray for Health Care Use

    From $3.25
    This phenol-based product is a must for your disinfecting jobs after cleaning.

    Claire Disinfectant Spray for Health Care Use - Country Fresh

    $3.33 $7.45
    Country Fresh fragrance. Net weight 15.5 oz. Sold each.

    Claire Disinfectant Spray for Hospital Use

    $3.43 $5.64
    A must for your disinfecting jobs after cleaning. A phenolbased, product that disinfects HIV-1 (AIDS Virus), Polio Virus Types 1 and 2, Influenza A2/Hong Kong Virus, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus Faecalis and Herpes Simplex Virus Types 1 and 2 on inanimate environmental surfaces. It is also tuberculocidal, bactericidal, taphylocidal, virucidal, fungicidal, pseudomonicidal and is effective controlling mold and mildew on hard, nonporous surfaces.

    Claire Down & Out Flying Insect Killer

    $4.56 $12.75
    A variety of flying insect species can be controlled with this pleasant scented, water-based product. Easy-to-use, convenient and effective, product controls insects including houseflies, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas and small moths.