Concrete & Stone Floor Cleaner

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Franklin Offense No Rinse Stripper - 1 Gallon

Sold each.
$33.56 $15.88

Franklin Offense No Rinse Stripper - 5 Gallon

Sold each.
$146.25 $69.50

Franklin Stone Floor Sealer - 1 gallon

A highly effective water based flouropolymer, impregnating sealer formulated to help protect your stone surfaces from water and oil born stains. Stone Floor Sealer provides an invisible barrier resistant to stains, while allowing the surface to properly breathe. All natural stone should be sealed with an impregnating sealer to protect the surface of the stone from oil and water stains. Sealing your grout stops dirt and grease from soaking in and staining the grout.

Franklin Superscope II Non-Ammoniated Stripper - 5 Gallon

Low-odor, non-ammoniated formula is ideal for use in areas where ammonia odor is a problem such as hospitals, restaurants and nursing homes. Powerful stripper removes all types of floor finishes and most sealers.
$68.25 $37.92