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5 Gallon Liquid Dispenser Replacement Closure

Replacement cap / closure for 5 gallon liquid dispenser.

Continental 330 Adjustable Plastic Drum Pump

Fits 5 to 30 gallon drum with 3/4" or 2" Opening, self venting.
$25.02 $13.44

Continental 495 Self Priming Nickel Plated Pump

Fits fifteen, thirty and fifty-five gallon drums with a one and one half inch or two inch openings. Dispenses twenty-two ounces per stroke. Nickel plated pump resists chemical action of non-corrosive liquids.
$50.72 $31.52

Dema 100-15K Metering Tip Kit

14 piece standard tip kit for dilutions from 4:1 to 427:1.
$8.49 $9.25

Dema 162 Drum Mount Dispenser

This drum-mount proportioner mounts to any 2½ inch bung opening to dispense chemical solution directly from the drum or pail. By attaching a standard garden hose to the inlet and turning the adjusting screw to the proper setting, your solution is diluted correctly every time.
$93.79 $84.56

Dema 633 Blend Center Single Station Dispenser

Eliminate the inaccurate and wasteful glug-glug dispensing method with DEMA Blend Center dispenser valves. This versatile dispenser can be mounted individually or built into a system to perfectly fill spray bottles or buckets every time.
From $78.18

Dema 730GAP-RF Dilution at Hand Dispensing System

A two-station unit that offers easy filling of any container. Simply screw in the appropriate metering tip for precision dilution control.

Drum Faucet for 5 Gallon Liquid Dispenser

3/4" drum faucet is durable and inexpensive. Fits standard IPS drum threads and is compatible with a wide variety of chemicals.
$474.89 $1.69

Elky Pro Portable Proportioner

Portable Proportioner for "closed loop" chemical system
$38.10 $20.32